Utah Supreme Court Affirms Disbarment Against Lawyer Filing ‘Bizarre’ Motions

Utah Supreme Court Affirms Disbarment Against Lawyer Filing ‘Bizarre’ Motions

We want to present a great example of why it is so important to hire a quality, experienced attorney after diligent research about the way they practice law.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, Utah Attorney Susan Rose, who was admitted to the Utah Bar in 1999, was warned numerous times about the many amounts and types of motions she filed in many of her cases.

One judge made described Rose’s filings as

“constant stream of motions, corrections to motions, amendments to motions, refiling of motions ... and further briefings of motions after oral arguments.”

Other Judges describing her briefs used terms such as

“bizarre,” “inscrutable,” “frivolous,” “legally meritless,” “wholly superfluous,” “unresponsive, immaterial, and redundant” and “not based in reality.”

On August 15, The Utah Supreme Court agreed with the lower court rulings and affirmed the order disbarring Attorney Rose for violating numerous bar professional conduct rules and regulations. They are quoted as saying

“We add our voice to a chorus of courts that who have found Rose’s briefings to be ‘bizarre’.”

Unbelievably, this litigation has gone on for nearly ten years after the original disciplinary proceedings were started, and Rose was allowed to practice the entire time due to a stay during the appellate process.

For years, Rose filed numerous motions for dismissal of the complaints against her by individuals and the judiciary, reports the Salt Lake Tribune. It was also noted that she filed for disqualifications of judges, change of venue, extensions, as well as claims that the actions against her were unconstitutional. She also surprisingly invoked her fifth amendment right against self-incrimination, stating that for that reason she did not have to produce any documents requested during discovery.

The Utah Supreme Court stated that

“she (Rose) launched a ‘broadside attack’ on the attorney discipline system, rather than explicitly arguing that she did not commit the underlying violations or explicitly claiming that Hanson had applied the wrong sanction,”
said Justice John Pierce, writing on behalf of the court.

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