Should I Beware of "Promoters" of Financial and Estate Planning Services?

Yes. There are many professionals who hold themselves out as "trust specialists," "certified planners" or other titles that suggest the person has received advanced training in estate planning. Utah is experiencing an explosion of promotions by unqualified individuals and entities which only have one real goal: to gain access to your finances. To better protect yourself:
  • Ask if the promoter is associated with, and works under a knowledgeable estate planning attorney. Be wary of organizations or offices that are staffed by non-lawyer personnel and that promote one-size-fits-all Living Trusts or Living Trust kits. An estate plan created by someone who is not a qualified lawyer can have enormous and costly consequences for your estate.
  • Consult with a lawyer or other financial advisor who is knowledgeable in estate planning before considering a Revocable Living Trust or any other estate or financial planning document or service.
  • Always ask for time to consider and reflect on your decision. Do not allow yourself to be pressured into purchasing an estate or financial planning product.